Free Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS simply means domain name system, it is basically an element of modern internet technology to make a website presence. 


DNS Records

After domain name registration, you have access to the DNS, a kind of panel that allows you to make some domain-level changes, With the DNS in place, you can substantial level of control over your website’s domain name and email settings.









DNS Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Domain?

Each Internet website is identified by a number of numbers: the IP address. This numeric code is what computers use to connect to the server hosting the site to access its contents.

But, of course, having to remember a set of numbers for every website we want to visit is not practical at all. That’s why people (unlike computers) use domains to identify websites.

The domain consists of a series of letters or figures (or a combination of both) that we use to represent the IP address of a website. This is the address you type in your browser; for example, “” is our domain.

In short, it’s like when you search through your mobile contacts to call someone, instead of dialing each digit of their number.

What are some uses or benefits of DNS?

If you already have a domain, you can transfer it to ModeWebhost in one step. This gives you full control to manage it.

You will be able to directly register your new domain with our hosting plan or from another provider.

You can create custom email addresses with your domain name to make your business look professional.

How long does it take to register my domain name and have it propagated on ModeWebHost?

Registering a domain is always immediate, regardless of the extension. However, propagating DNS to be fully operational can take up to 24 hours, depending on the extension you have chosen.

Do I have access to Manage my Domain's DNS?

Of course. Through the control panel you will be able to freely manage the DNS servers of any domain registered or transferred to Modewebhost Your domains are yours, so you can manage them to your liking.

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