11 Best Software to build an Online Community

11 Best Software to build an Online Community

11 Best Software to build an Online Community


There are a number of software solutions available to help you create and manage an online community. These tools can be used for everything from creating a forum to building a social media community. The best part is that many of the tools come with the ability to create custom templates so that your website or blog content looks unique and professional.


Online communities are a growing trend and can be a great way to build your business. There are many types of online communities such as forums, social media groups, and blogs. These can help you build your brand online through engaging conversations with other users. Online communities provide an opportunity to drive traffic (potential customers) back to your website or blog by sharing interesting content or links you find on the internet.


Let’s quickly look at some of the best software to build an online community




phpBB is a forum software that lets you create your own message boards. It is pretty flexible and doesn’t cost anything, so once you have a forum set up, you can create any number of forums with ease. You can also choose between different styles and layouts to suit your needs.


phpBB is an open source software package that lets you create your own message boards. There are a number of other forum packages out there, but phpBB is unique because it’s free and open source. If you are just looking to create a single forum, this is the best option.


If you are looking for an easy-to-customize, all-inclusive forum software, phpBB is a great recommendation. Extensions allow you to tailor your online forum to suit your needs.



Among the different forum software options, there are certain features that will be common to all. This includes the ability to set up message boards, enable user registration, and perform moderation.

These forums work as a text-based platform where users can post comments and reply to one another..


MyBB, a free and open-source version of phpBB, has a plugin and theme system as well as community support. This means that all the features you would need to run a community site have been integrated into one easy to use interface. The MyBB forum software is used by over 1 million websites around the world.



You have most likely come across WordPress before, since it’s the most popular CMS today. What you may not know is that it enables you to create all kinds of websites, from a simple blog to an online store, thanks to its powerful features and plugins.


WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) and powers more than 30% of the web. The variety of content it can produce is endless, from traditional blogs to online stores.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system created for publishing anything on the internet. WordPress can be used to post blogs, publish online stores, create any types of content or provide social media services.



Joomla is another web publishing platform that features the ability to build any type of site. Like WordPress, it gives you customization to make your site truly unique, but also offers loads of plugins.


Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for building websites and powerful online applications. It was developed by an open source software community, led by Joomla Software, with the help of its contributors, who wanted to create a CMS that leverages both out-of-the-box and in house features to enable the creation of any type of website.



Drupal is a popular open-source content management system that has more robust features than both Joomla and WordPress. Drupal has features for managing social media, making it an excellent choice for business websites.


Drupal is a free open-source content management system with the power to turn any blog or website into an advanced online store, community site, project management system, or even a job application. The CMS has over 20 million users and thousands of extensions that can be used for just about anything.


Drupal is an incredible platform, with plenty of features to cover most needs. There are a few disadvantages though, including high learning curve. Those who are looking for CMS without any previous experience should consider other options


Vanilla Forums.

Vanilla Forums is a web-based open source forum and enterprise forum service. The open-source version is provided under the GNU AGPL license and contains no support or additional costs, while the premium version is provided for $689/month and includes support, security monitoring, and an extra layer of security.


Businesses can create a centralized resource that customers can easily find. This saves them time and allows them to focus on other aspects of the business. A centralized resource means that someone who is looking for help with a product need only go to one place for information rather than various different sources. This also means less time spent navigating around websites, which saves money because companies are not paying for server space or other technical aspect.


Simple Machines Forum

This Forum Software does offer some advantages that are different than phpBB. It also offers more customization options. If you want to learn more about this system, take a look at the demos.

Simple Machines Forum is a forum building software that offers an unmatched level of flexibility. With a built-in module and theme engine, you can customize your forum to suit your needs. You can also use the built-in template system to bring in pre-made templates for your website design, making it easy to match a website’s aesthetics with a forum’s functionalities.



Sometimes you don’t need a program that has too many features. FluxBB, for example, provides a lightweight and versatile forum solution that doesn’t require much performance.

FluxBB is a forum software written in PHP and designed to be lightweight and easy to use. It does not come with any additional features such as polls, avatars, tags, or custom fields; but it does offer a highly-customizable template engine and an installer that simplifies the installation process.


FluxBB is a free open-source forum software written in PHP and designed to be lightweight and easy to use. It does not come with any additional features such as polls, avatars, tags, or custom fields.



Codoforum is a free forum software that has many benefits to offer. One of the key features is the clean interface that makes it easy to use and navigate, especially for those who are new to forums. You can also customize your forum with a variety of features such as the look and feel, colors, fonts and more.


Codoforum was created in order to offer a lightweight, modern forum software for anyone who wants to have their own community. It is built with the user experience as the main focus and allows for customization of its design to create a user experience that any user can enjoy.


One of the greatest benefits of this software is that it can be installed on any server with PHP and MySQL. This means you can install the entire framework on your website without having to take any additional steps at all. Additionally, everything you will need from start to finish is located on its comprehensive and easy-to-follow documentation page.



Discourse is a forum website that also has a user interface which is modern and straightforward. This software is designed for open-source debates.

Discourse is a forum website as well as an app which was designed to replace outdated forms of social media. It is modern, straightforward and the perfect place for open-source debates on any topic.


Discourse is an open-source forum software that is designed to be simple. It has a modern yet straightforward user interface, and has many of the features you would expect from any other forum software, like PM (private messaging), topic subscriptions, and various post types.


Discourse makes it easy to login to all of your third-party apps, including social media. If you are a webmaster, you will also be able to post new content from anywhere with this extension.



Flarum is a free talking software that helps you create a forum quickly and easily. Its design is user-friendly, so it can even work on all different devices.

Flarum is a free forum software solution that has been designed to be as lightweight and easy to use as possible. The program’s design is intuitive and can adapt across various platforms. Flarum is one of the first forum platforms that is designed for modern technology and it offers a clean interface and instant loading time, among other benefits.


Flarum has been built with the end user in mind and offers helpful features such as easy-to-use animations and simultaneous drafting of messages and discussions.


When you are setting up an online forum, it’s just like any other type of website. You need a reliable host, plus the necessary tools to facilitate all your functions.

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